I’m back!

Hello again everyone,
I haven’t been on my blog since late last year. Because I am grade seven now, so I moved classes.
I am with two of my best friends, Lauren and Elise. They make my days really fun.
My teacher is really cool, I like her a lot.
I actually have two home group teachers, they are both girls. They’re both heaps of fun.
I have cool classes this year, most of them are the usual classes, like:
P.E, maths, society & history, LOTE and music.
But our different classes for this year are:
Art, cooking, drama, environmental studies, publishing, science and I.T.
I really enjoy most of my subjects, but my favourite is: P.E 🙂
I have a lot of fun, and I am a pretty sporty person.
My favourite sport would be running.
My maths and English classes are not with all the people from my class,
but in my English class I have one of my good friends, Daisy.
Also, in my maths I have Daisy, and also another good friend, Lucy.
But in all my other classes I have all the people from my class.
I also have a different teacher for each class.
Well that’s all, I’m off 🙂
Please leave a comment, also say what grade you are in
and maybe the subjects you have.
Thank you, see you everyone 🙂

Christmas Time!

Hi everyone.

It’s Christmas on the 25th of December. I love Christmas, it’s my favourite holiday.

In Australia it’s Summer, so it’s nice and warm. 🙂

I’ve always wondered what it would be like having Christmas somewhere else around the world, where it’s Winter, and it’s cold. I’m sure it’d be so much different than what I’m used too.

I hope one day when I’m older I can travel to another place in the world where it’s cold during Christmas time.

Tell me if you live somewhere around the world where it’s cold during Christmas time and what it’s like.


Skype Call


My friend Ashleigh talks to a girl, on her blog, from America.

Her name is Ashley.

We are going to having a Skype call with her tomorrow.

We get to ask her questions, like how old she is and things like that.

I can’t wait!

Ashleigh (my friend from school) has kept in touch with her about a month now.

She’s really excited that she gets to talk to her. So am I. 🙂

My Party!

Hello again,

Soon I will be having my 12th birthday party.

My birthday is on December the 29th. But most people are doing things around that time, because it’s just after Christmas, so I’m having my party early 🙂

I’m inviting most of my friends from school. It’s going to be a dress up party, so whatever letter your name starts with you dress up as something or someone starting with that.

My name is Hannah, so I’m dressing up as someone who starts with H.

If you have any good ideas as what I should dress up as, send me a comment 🙂

P.S. I’ll tell you how my party went 😀

The Wedding!

Hi guys,

I’ve been meaning to write a post about the wedding.

So, the wedding was about 3-4 weeks ago. I had so much fun!

First, we all went to the hairdressers to get our hair done. There was- me, all the bridesmaids and the bride.

We got our hair curled and the top bit pinned up with either a flower clip or just little slides.

Then after we’d all had our hair done, we went back to my cousin’s house (the bride).

We had our makeup done there, it was really cool.

After about two hours, we went and had some photos taken out the front of her house with the wedding cars and just some photos with all of the bridesmaids and stuff.

Then we went in the cars and drove to the church.

It was quite scary when I was walking down the aisle.

But it was still heaps of fun!

After that, we went to the reception. We had photos taken on the beach where the reception was. It was pretty fun. We had to walk in the water :O

I had so much fun. I hope I can be in another wedding soon 🙂


My trip to Queensland- Recount

Hi, it’s me.

This year I went to Queensland for one month, for a holiday.

First, we flew on a plane to Brisbane and drove to my nan and pop’s, their house is about a 3 hour drive, north, from there.

We spent about 2 weeks there, then we drove down to the Gold Coast.

My friend lives there. So we stayed in a unit and caught up with her and her family, for about two weeks. My friend stayed with us too.

We went to most of the theme parks. 

It was really fun!                                                                                                     


The Wedding’s Coming Up!

Hi, it’s just me again!


As you have probably read my post about the wedding that I am going to be in, it’s this Saturday! If you haven’t read my post, I’m going to be a junior bridesmaid in my cousins wedding.


My dress is very pretty, my aunty made it! It’s a silver/brown colour, strapless and its knee-length.

My shoes, as you may already know, are silver with little diamond sequences.


I have rehearsals tonight, but I don’t have to wear my dress, it’s just to see where everyone is going to stand. I think it’s going to be great fun!


And I also can’t wait for the actual wedding! 🙂

I’ll inform you when I have been in it, I’ll write another post!








Sports Quiz

Its me again,

I just took a quiz to see what kind of athlete I would be, I would be a volleyball player.

It said I was a people person and that I thrive in team enviroment.

Why dont you take the quiz and see what you are?!

Tell me what you are!

My Hatchet Map

Hi guys.

In our home-group class we have just finished a story called Hatchet.

Its about a boy who’s name is Brian (the main character), who was on a plane which crashed into the Canadian Forest.

I have drawn a map of where he was and what he came across & how he over-came those problems.

Some problems were:

  • Brian found the gut cherries. He ate way to many of them, which made him sick. (49/50)
  • A porcupine came to Brian’s shelter & attacked him, he noticed he could make fire using his hatchet, as he threw it at the wall and it made sparks. (69)
  • Brian found a tree with dry bark on it, so he used the sparks from the hatchet to make fire. (72)
  • The smoke from the fire made the mosquitoes go away. (76)
  • Brian remembered that water refracts, now he could catch his first fish with his bow & arrow. (99)
  • A skunk came into Brian’s shelter looking for food, which sprayed it’s odour all over him. (103)
  • Brian found a way to store food, by putting it in a high place. He also found a way to store live fish. (106)

Soon I will be putting on my map of the lake, you’ll be sure to hear from me soon!



BTN Report

Hi guys,
I’m just writing my BTN report, hope you like it.
Hybrid Cars
Hybrid means a mixture of two different things.
In a hybrid car it shows you which power source is being used.
Hybrid cars use electricity and petrol.
Hybrid cars will be built in Melbourne and will be on sale in two years.
Some cars in California are powered by Hydrogen. 
Did you know that sound is measured in decibels?
A normal conversation is measured as 60 decibels, a car horn 110 decibels
and a firecracker 140 decibels!!
Hearing damage can start at 80 decibels which is the same
as hearing a motorbike.
Inside your ear there is a thing called a cochlear which has hairs in it.
If you listen to really loud music through ear phones you can
flatten or brake these hairs, which causes
hearing damage.
In Santa Tersea there is a boys football called The Saints.
They are indigenous players.
Two of the boys in the team have been offered scholarships,
those boys names are: Brentley and Sellen.
This team played at the MCG before the AFL players played.
There are 75 indigenous players in the AFL.
Their coach think footy helps boys to gain confidence.